It’s often been said that if you wish hard enough, wishes will come true. I wished for a long time that I would have to travel so much again from home to hospital to a different hospital. It eats away the energy that I need for different things. Things I like. Thank God that the winter is crawling back under the rock it came from and that spring is kicking in the door. I’ve been prepping my veggie garden and already planted the garlic (you never know if a vampire decides to show up) and in a few weeks the peppers, paprikas, cucumbers, radishes, carrots etc will be seeded.

So what about the cancer front, am I doing nothing? Of course not. I still have this very annoying bag strapped to my belly. If my body holds up and if I have the strength, the doctors will finally reconnect my guts so that I can go take a dump just like a normal person. I really hate having to take this bloody stoma into account with whatever I plan. Can’t go anywhere if there is no toilet available.

The work for the historical society is keeping me busy as well. Next year marks the 75 anniversary of the liberation of fortress Europe and the long anticipated defeat of Nazi Germany, and we will celebrate it with an expo, and my job will probably be a living, breathing information portal. We’ll see how that goes, if I’m not pushing up daisies by that time.

Take care,


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